Teeth Whitening in Queens

Get the white smile you always wanted with this cosmetic dental smile enhancement

Teeth Whitening in Queens

teeth whitening ZOOM teeth whitening is the treatment of choice here at Dental Clinic Group to put a bright and dazzling smile on your face. Before our patients undergo teeth whitening treatment, it is always important that the patient is screened for any tooth decay or caries, also a proper cleaning is recommended as the ZOOM whitening gel cannot penetrate through calculus or plaque.

What exactly is Zoom Teeth Whitening?

ZOOM teeth whitening is used by our dentists to change the color of the teeth by number of shades. Zoom teeth whitening is a process that uses a 25% hydrogen peroxide gel, the gel is activated via a special UV light. Your eyes, lips and gums are completely covered and protected throughout the entire procedure. Whitening is considered one of the safest procedures available in dentistry. The procedure consists of three 15-minute sessions. A fresh layer of whitening gel is applied after each session as the old gel is removed from your teeth. Zoom teeth whitening is considered one of the safest procedures available in dentistry.

How does TEETH WHITENING work?

The results may vary from patient to patient during the process of ZOOM teeth whitening. The ZOOM works by using a safe but high level concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Once this gel is activated using a special blue light the oxidation process of Carbamide Peroxide starts thus releasing more oxygen which accelerates bleaching process.

How effective will TEETH WHITENING be and how is it measured?

Usually Doctors will measure the shade of your teeth and the final shape to see how many shades that they have changed. It is sometimes very hard to predict how white they will become but a normal range is around 6 to 8 shades.

Are there any side effects from the Zoom teeth whitening?

During the teeth whitening process patients who have undergo teeth whitening will experience slightly increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks. These symptoms will disappear after a few days.

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